Why a nutritionist?

Knowing how to eat in a way that supports and improves our health is one of the most valuable and important skills we need to possess.

Nutritionists provide expert advice on proper nutrition and help prevent and treat certain health conditions.

Working with a nutritionist, you will gain knowledge on how to achieve your goal and apply appropriate guidelines in everyday life, for example:

  • what foods you need and how to combine them,
  • how to plan and prepare balanced meals yourself,
  • to recognize healthy foods,
  • interpret nutrition tables,
  • optimize grocery shopping,
  • make better decisions when eating out.



Changing habits can be confusing, especially with the amount of information out there about health and nutrition.

A person trained in the field of nutrition will provide reliable support based on science to meet the challenge and maintain the results in the long term.
The master's degree in nutrition is licensed to treat chronic diseases, prescribe children to people with food intolerances and allergies, offer therapy to children, pregnant women, the elderly, athletes and people with eating disorders.