Culinary workshops

Educational cooking workshops are designed with a hands-on approach, to help you improve your culinary skills and gain knowledge about preparing healthy and delicious meals.
Just giving advice on nutrition is sometimes not enough, so culinary workshops allow you, in a relaxed atmosphere with a nutritionist, to learn about foods, their nutritional characteristics and preparation processes in order to make the most of their nutritional value.

Depending on your needs and wishes, workshops can be held both individually and in groups.  

Individual workshops are designed as a supplement to created nutrition plans so that you can learn to prepare simple, nutritious meals that will help you achieve your goals. This kind of experience will surely help you adopt new habits and maintain a healthy diet in the long term.  
According to your wishes, the workshops can be held in your kitchen, and it is also possible to go to the store together.
During joint grocery shopping (in the store you visit most often), you will learn practical advice on choosing groceries, the benefits of eating local and seasonal food, which foods are in season, how to read declarations and choose healthier products, how to organize a weekly menu and do grocery shopping, and how to optimally store all these foods.