How to achieve your goal?

Depending on your wishes and needs, nutritional therapy will be specialized according to your needs, taking into account predispositions, limitations and preferences. 

My role, as a nutritionist, is to teach you through guidelines and examples how to simply and holistically improve your health. 

You can choose between individual and group therapy, in person or online. 

The counseling service consists of a diagnosis of eating habits, assessment of the nutritional status and needs of the organism, guidelines on modifications and practical interventions. This will help you learn more about your habits, condition and needs from an expert's perspective, as well as the necessary steps to improve your health.

BIA analysis of body composition is based on the non-invasive principle of measuring bioelectrical impedance. InBody 270 is among the world's leading medical analyzers that extremely accurately and reliably measure the body's water, muscle mass, fat and minerals. Body composition analysis is an excellent way to monitor changes in the body and a tool for diagnosing health conditions.


Creation of nutrition and supplementation plans are based on your health parameters, nutritional needs, culinary skills and lifestyle habits. Diet plans are composed of menus with recipes, grocery shopping lists, tips on preparation, combining, food selection, etc. They serve as specialized nutrition therapy for your needs. 

Follow-up examinations monitor and evaluate the results of therapy and, if necessary, modify interventions to ensure long-term changes. 

Due to the complexity of social factors, users are also offered group nutritional therapies. In addition to the individual needs and goals of each member, they also take into account their mutual relationships (e.g. shared meals, grocery shopping and habits).