Is Veggae for me?

It is never too early or too late to commit to health and learn about proper nutrition.
A balanced diet prolongs the "best years" of life, reduces the risk of disease and cares for aging.
But the importance of a healthy diet does not begin with the first intake of food, but earlier - before conception and birth.


People planning pregnancy, pregnant women and nursing mothers are recommended to eat properly for their own quality of life and the health of their offspring.
The "Veggae" nutritional counseling center can also help you introduce solid food to babies and optimize nutrition for picky children.

Nutritional therapy is suitable for people at every stage of life: when your immunity is weakened, you suffer from an acute or chronic disease, you engage in recreational or professional sports, you are recovering from an injury or you are going through menopause.

If you are familiar with some of the above situations and want to correct them, then "Veggae" is here for you:

  • you have problems with digestion, bloating, gas and stool
  • you often feel heartburn and stomach pains
  • you are chronically sleepy after eating
  • you often catch colds and are susceptible to infections
  • you retain fluid and swell
  • you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease or diabetes
  • you suspect an intolerance or allergy to certain foods
  • you notice changes in your skin after some meals
  • you have difficulty chewing (caused, among other things, by aging)
  • your body weight has increased in a short time
  • you've tried every diet and none of them worked for you
  • no way to gain weight no matter how much you eat
  • you want to gain muscle mass
  • you notice changes in appetite
  • you eat too little or too much under stress
  • you think about food all the time
  • you don't have the time, choice or skill to eat healthy

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