5 reasons why to eat foods in season

There are several reasons why we should eat food that is in season, and in this article I will list 5 of the main ones.


1. Seasonal foods are healthier

The fact is that foods that are harvested when they have naturally ripened are healthier for our body because they are fresher and contain more nutrients.

Diet in accordance with the seasons provides us with the necessary nutrients, therefore seasonal foods are healthier because they cover our natural nutritional needs.

For example: in winter we have various citrus fruits, rich in vitamin C, which strengthen immunity. While in the summer we have stone fruits (cherries, peaches, apricots, etc.) rich in carotenoids that protect against sun damage.



2. Food in season is tastier than out of season

Seasonal foods are usually tastier because they are more quickly available on the market and less processed.

Preservatives are often used to preserve foods that are not in season because fruits and vegetables lose nutrients immediately after harvesting.

Also, the taste of food is affected by the cooling and heating processes, which the products undergo when they are harvested earlier, before natural ripening.



3. Food in season is cheaper

The price of food is affected by where and how it gets to our table.

Food in season is cheaper compared to food that was harvested earlier because the time and the transport route are shorter, and no special storage is required.



4. Seasonal food is better for the environment

The agricultural industry is responsible for a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

One of the many factors that contribute to environmental pollution is the demand for out-of-season products from abroad.

By buying local seasonal products, you protect the environment because, compared to out-of-season foods, they do not rely on excessive transportation and the burning of fossil fuels.

Growing food in season also requires less energy, as it is not necessary to create an artificial microclimate to ensure optimal growing conditions (eg additional heating and use of electric irrigation systems).



5. We and the community

Last but not least, seasonal foods contribute to our development and the society in which we live.

The variety of fruits and vegetables encourages creativity in the kitchen, leading us to new dishes and different tastes.

You also support the local economy by stocking up on food in season.

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