"5 a day" rule

Many studies show that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables improves health and prolongs life. Eating fruits and vegetables has been scientifically proven to prevent coronary heart disease, strokes and heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, cancers and other chronic diseases.
"5 a day" is a simple rule with the aim of encouraging us to be healthier through increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The world's leading institutes, organizations and associations for proper and balanced nutrition have designed and use this recommendation because of its exceptional benefits and because it is easy to apply and adapt to individual habits and needs.
"5" stands for the daily number of recommended portions of fruits and vegetables. We should consume 2 portions of fruit and 3 portions of vegetables per day.
A portion can be:
  • 1 piece if the fruit can fit in the palm of your hand
  • 2 full handfuls of berries, salad, chopped or frozen vegetables
  • 1 handful of dried beans
  • half a handful for nuts

The "5 a day" rule is not based on prohibition and renunciation, but motivates both adults and children to enjoy more natural food and color on the plate.
The lesson of the rule is not only the amount of food, but also the variety. So try new tastes and textures, and commit to your health.
Do not forget that you can enrich the variety with dried fruits and pickled vegetables.



With Veggae recipes and menus, designed according to your measurements, you will easily apply and surpass this rule, and your body will appreciate it very much.

Every nutrition plan I make for you will be guided by this and many other scientifically proven guidelines for improving health and your relationship with food.


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